Monday, December 30, 2013

Hazelnut cake with chestnut mousse

There is only a day left in this year, so I wont keep you long since you probably have many things to do.
I just want to wish you happy, healthy and wonderful New Year. Enjoy the night with your family and friends.
I have some cooking to do, but I made a cake yesterday, and I would love to share it with you. Its joconde with hazelnuts that is soaked with rum, and the  filling is made with chestnut mousse and baileys liqueur. Sounds good, ha? Its a little bit booze, but its a New Years cake, so it should be like that :)))
It light, and flavorful. I wanted to add a chocolate layer, but, I changed my mind at the last minute. Chestnut should be the star here, so I didn't want anything else to distract me from its taste.

You will need 3 joconde layers. These are the ingredients for 1. You can triple the recipe, and bake all three at once, or you can bake them separately.
2 large eggs
75 gr sugar
75 gr. roasted and peeled hazelnuts
25 gr flour
2 egg whites
3 tablespoons sugar 
1 tablespoon melted butter

If your hazelnuts are already roasted and peeled, mix them with sugar and pulse them in food processor until you get fine powder. 
Combine whole eggs with hazelnut sugar powder, and beat at medium speed until cream colored and light. Sift the flour over the beaten eggs.
In separate bowl, whip the eggs whites with 3 tablespoons of sugar until medium peeks form. Scoop one third of the meringue into the bowl with eggs, hazelnuts, and flour, and mix quickly. Add remaining meringue and gently fold. Slowly pour the melted butter and fold until the butter is uniformly mixed. Scoop the batter onto prepared 9 inch baking pan that has parchment paper on the bottom. Bake until the cake is lightly browned and firm, but not dry. 6-8 min. Cool completely. 

For brushing syrup mixture:
1/4 cup dark Jamaican rum
2 tablespoons water 
2 tablespoons sugar

For the filling:
3 tablespoons cold water
4 tablespoons sugar
1 1/2 teaspoons gelatin 
540 ml heavy cream
3 tablespoons baileys liqueur 

Combine water and sugar in butter melter and stir in the gelatin. Set it soften, than warm over low heat, stirring constantly until dissolves. Remove from the heat.
Pour the heavy cream into the mixer bowl and whip the cream until medium peaks.
Stir the baileys liqueur into the chestnut spread, then stir in the dissolved gelatin with a wire whisk. Fold whipped cream into the chestnut puree.
Place cake ring on a serving plate, put joconde on the bottom, brush with syrup, and put one third of the mousse on top. Repeat layering joconde, soaking syrup and chestnut filling.
Chill overnight to set the mousse. Decorate as you wish.
I did white chocolate collar and whipped cream.
Happy New Year everyone :)


  1. Rezervisem odmah jedno parcence, zapravo neka budu dva!:))) Draga Ljiljo, zelim vam svako dobro, puno radosti i lepih trenutaka u Novoj!:)))

  2. Fantastično! Tako lepo i pedantno uradjeno, svaka čast! Kao i uvek kod tebe, uostalom ;) Sve najlepše u Novoj godini <3

  3. Hvala Suzana, svako dobro i tebi :*

  4. Oh, divna kombinacija!
    Srenu Novu zelim!

  5. Fenomenalno izgleda, recept belezim, i zelim vam sve najbolje u Novoj godini:)

  6. Liki moja, čim je sa kestenom, pa još od tebe, mora da je dobro!

    Srećna ti Nova godina! :*

  7. Predivno! A moja Nova godina je prosla u znaku tvoje cokoladne torte sa ukusom narandze! Fantasticno! Sve najbolje u 2014. godini!

    1. Sladoled, hvala puno. Bas mi je drago da si se za nju odlucila. Srecna ti Nova godina :)

  8. Looks wonderful -
    spectacular and beautiful, great job, compliments!
    Happy new year!

  9. Drago mi je da si se vratila u blogerske vode. Sretna nova tebi i obitelji! :)

    1. Hvala puno Tadeja :)
      Sve najbolje i tebi u Novoj godini :))


  11. Koja divna torta i predivne slike! Ljiljo uvek me oduševiš! ;) P.S. Wow kako je pedantno izravnjano sa strane..BRAVO!!

  12. Kao sto vec znas isprobana kod mene i samo rijeci hvale imas od mene za ovaj recept i ovu tortu,...Hvala puno na receptu

    1. Hvala tebi Zoko sto si je isprobala, bas sam se obradovala. Nadam se da ste zadovoljni.
      Videla sam slicice, sjajno si je napravila :))