Sunday, February 2, 2014

Cranberry pate de fruit

Have you ever tried pate de fruit?
They are elegant, small, vibrant fruit jellies bursting with rich fruity flavors. They are tart and sweet, and feel like a fruit explosion in your mouth. I made them during my cranberry craze phase in November, and I forgot to post them. During my childhood, pate de fruit was something I loved even more than a chocolate. My love for them continues until today. So, I decided to make them. How hard could it be?
Well, my first attempt using this recipe was not so successful. I followed the recipe to a tee, and it would not jell. So, i used it up for the cranberry coffee cake. The cooking time was a problem. So, while I was troubleshooting the recipe, I found another one, and it worked

For this recipe, you will need:

1 small organic lemon
340 gr cranberries
75 ml water
500 gr sugar
170 gr Certo liquid pectin

Line an 8x8 inch square pan with sheet of parchment so that side and base of the pan are lined with it. Place the lemon slices, cranberries, and water in the bowl of a food processor and puree until smooth. Combine the cranberry puree with sugar. Cook stirring, until mixture reaches 235F/112C. Stir the pectin into the mixture and bring to a boil for a minute, stirring constantly. Pour the fruit into the pan, and cool to a room temperature.
Turn the block out on a cutting surface and pat dry excess moisture. Cut the pate de fruit with cutters or knife. Set on a cooling rack and let dry for hour or longer. Roll in sugar before serving.


  1. Svetlucaju poput najfinijih malenih dragulja.:)))

  2. Preslatko! Predpostavljam da se dobije fini voćni žele, jel da?

    1. Gago, kao zele bombone.Meni su super. Ukusne, dekorativne i sa pravim vocem :)

  3. I think that I've never tried them, but my boyfriend is crazy about jellybones so I will make healthy ones for him, thank you so much! Your ones look fantastic! :)
    Have a nice evening, Ljilja!

  4. Thank you Гергана:)))
    These are like желирани бонбони we grew up eating. I belie you have them in Bulgaria too. If your boyfriend likes them, he'll like these too.
    Thanks for stopping by :)

  5. krasni su, šteta što kod mene nema pektina osim da onaj za džemove koristim

    1. O nisam znala da toga nema. Ovo stvarno bude super, ima bas intenzivan ukus :)

  6. Izgledaju odlicno,sada sam tek vidjela da si recept napisala.

    Ja ih volim ,kupujem u shopu zdrave hrane jer ih moj sin jede,posebno poslije treninga a volim ih i ja,no nisam sigurna da cu igdje naci liquid djemove ga ima svuda.

    1. Mirce, mi ga imamo u svakoj samoposluzi. Mozes da biras izmedju ovog tecnog i onog u prahu. Mozda bi ovo moglo i sa tim u prahu da se napravi, samo treba potrefiti odnos sastojaka. Ja ga bas i ne koristim, pa nemam predstavu, ali mozda vredi proguglati.
      Meni se mnogo svidjaju, pogotovo kad odstoje koji dan da se prosuse i kad se razvije ukus :)

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